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for the approaching storm. >> i am lowell melser in ocean city. >> welcome back to the extended edition of the news at 6:00. >> thousands are being told to evacuate coastal areas of delaware, new jersey, connecticut, and other areas. cancelednes have k more than 5000 flights. tom tasselmyer has been tracking the storm all day and the past several days. >> it seems to be behaving the way the models indicated. the critical part will be tonight into tomorrow morning. that is when the storm is expected to return. it is still 270 miles south of cape hatteras. it makes the turn toward us. we will be watching for the band to the northwest. we have two weather elements. we have the front to the west. there is cold air behind it. the radar is starting to show some paint indicating snow. the cold air is dropping in. the hurricane is approaching from the south and east. that is expected to hit the coast tomorrow afternoon. when the two elements combine, sandy will not be a hurricane. it will be an even stronger nor'easter coming in from the east of the ocean into our area. for more on that, let's go to joan c
? >> it is a couple hundred miles to 300 miles east-southeast of ocean city and we think it will bypass the mouth of the chesapeake bay. i hate to say this for folks in new jersey but we wanted it to come on shore and new jersey and that is better for us. we look at the doppler and we see heavy rain on the outer bands on the eastern shore counties. that is represented by the dark orange and yellows that you see. i will set this in motion and it is going east to west as it passes by off of the delmarva coastline. the heaviest rain should stay from baltimore east. in the western suburbs i think it will be just light rain it start but everybody will get the heavy rain eventually. we expect from two it eight rain through the evening and jeovernight. the winds are not bad around baltimore. north wind at 10 at b.w.i., gusting higher on the eastern shore and beaches. the winds will increase through the day. you may say right now nothing is going on. but by this evening and early tonight it will be gusting close to 60 miles an hour. after we have had rain all day will knock a few trees down and power lin
to you. >> thank you. 4:35. business owners in ocean city likely will spend the week cleaning up all the damage along the boardwalk. >> brianne carter is there this morning as we survey the damage. >> quite a few changes in ocean city this morning. the rain has stopped, but the wind is still living. we understand delmarva power is reporting some people are in the dark. look behind me and see all the boardwalk lights are out. we do have power here at the hotel, but the power along the boardwalk seems to be out. delmarva power reporting that there are scattered outages of ocean city. there's a lot of damage here as well because of the flooding, but also because of the been andrea -- because of the wind and waves. several fences along the boardwalk are now either bent or broken. several homes and businesses are flooded. we are waiting for crews to be able to get out and start assessing the damage in coastal city. we understand we have several bridges in maryland that are closed. -- assessing the damage in ocean city. we expect to get high tides around 8:19 down at the pierre that is dam
live coverage with tony pann, jennifer franciotti and ava marie in ocean city. we begin with tony who's been tracking the storm from the weather center. >> this is not going to be a worst-case scenario for maryland but not a walk in the park, either. the storm is 200 miles off the coast of the outer banks of north carolina right now so a good distance from us. 58 at the airport, cloudy skies and windy out there, northeast wind at the airport at 15. winds will continue out of the north-northeast today at 10 to 25 miles per hour but not much rainfall around baltimore so a decent day to get things you got run around, no big deal. there is heavy rain along the eastern shore shifting towards baltimore later tonight. today, showers, breezy, temperatures in the low 60's. the worst part of the storm for us will be mondayach -- monday afternoon and monday night with heavy rain, instead winds 30 to 50 miles per hour. wind diminishing on tuesday but turning cold and there could be snow in the mountains on tuesday. obviously a complicated forecast. i'll go through it step by step in a few minutes
>>> sandy is coming to our doorstep. you are looking live. we are live in ocean city. this is a live shot of ocean city, maryland where sandy is stepping ashore right now. it is so close to our board walk. tonight we are bringing you extended coverage on hurricane sandy. we are here with you for the next 90 minutes. we are working for you to get you prepared. there is flooding in ocean city. we are expecting to hear from the governor in half an hour. >> let's get the latest from chief meteorologist quiet (everí) hart. still over 300 miles away. feeling the effects already. >> absolutely. you can tell you step outside your door. winds starting to pick up. rain is coming in. we are gearing up for the landfall which will occur tomorrow night into tuesday morning. the size of this storm simply stung. more than 1200 mile across in size. no weakening. new intensification around the center of the storm. rain bands beginning to come ashore. latest statistics from the national hurricane center. 952-millibar low. that is very close to record low pressures up and down the carol
galardon como goleador. ocean city se recupera de a pocos y no sera facil, en algunas partes demorara dias para ... hola que tal?.. bienvenidos!!... al menos 50- muertos, ocho millones de viviendas sin electricidad es el balance devastador que deja el paso sandy por la costa este... iniciamos con fanny gutierrez, para que nos brinde los ultimos datos que maneja sobre la feroz tormenta y el frio que quedo tras su paso... buenas noche fanny!!. gracias mario, buenas noches, en efecto sandy ha dejado grandes daÑos a su paso, y a nivel atmosferico ahora no solo hablamos de aguaceros, rafagas de viento, lluvia helada sino tambien intensas nevadas en el estado de west virginia asi como en el centro de maryland... hasta ahora se han acumulado casi dos pies de nieve y sigue nevando... los lugares mas afectados han sido okland, maryland, grantsville, maryland y cockesville tambien en maryland... las autoridades federales de emergencias y servicio meteorologico siguen en alerta pues sandy recobra fuerza en sus vientos ha medida que continua su trayectoria por la costa este, ahora un poco mas al oest
. -- step by step details. ava is in ocean city and she will keep us informed of what is happening on the beach. >> i wish i could show you just how cold we are out here. with the wind chill, it feels like the 40's. we are absolutely drenched in rain. winds gusting to about 60 miles per hour. i want to show you that as the sun is starting to lighten up the sky, the winds are a lot better, especially as the big towards the distance. eight-to-15-foot waves. they are causing a lot of rough surf and frost off the beaches as well. here come the waves right now as this bill through the vegetation -- they still to the vegetation. it is starting to flood inside each area. floodwaters are starting to make their way in there. big concerns in ocean city all over the coast. coastal flooding will be a major concern. mandatory evacuation in place south of 17th street. we will continue to see the water rise on both sides of ocean city. the winds could be gusting up to hurricane force as we go throughout the day, that will cause minor structural damage. as of yet, we've not heard any major reports
. we got a report on the twitter think that one of the peers in ocean city may have partially collapsed. have you heard anything about that? >> ok, i just want to clarify. this is a very dangerous part about social media. things start swirling around and they are just not true. the only reports that we are getting is that a fishing pier has been damaged significantly, but it has not collapsed. that is the only record we have gotten confirmed by officials. it is not the big. but everybody is thinking of, just the fishing. -- fishing pier. until we confirm anything, it is just unconfirmed. be careful what you hear on the social media. let's talk about what is happening in ocean city. boy, are we drenched. the winds are starting to pick up. look at those waves. the pictures and videos do not do justice. it is an incredible sight. easily up to 15 feet, at least 100 feet from us -- from shore. notice how it is starting to erode the dunes on the 32nd street and allowing the water to come all the way down into our hotel. it is grating almost a river -- we are kind of in a moment -- moat. trent
. >> reporter: despite hit from hurricane sandy, there were no deaths, no injuries here in ocean city. we're not seeing damage here like you she in new york and new jersey. still there's cleanup. this is where the gazebo used to be. the bar and restaurant at the bayside got hit by hurricane sandy. >> the gazebo is gone. the boardwalk, they were starting to rebuild is in the parking lot. >> reporter: they were able to salvage the angels and said it will go on the new one. most of it is confined to things downstairs. >> it's my livelihood. goto clean up. >> reporter: they hope to open by this weekend. a large section of ocean city's pier has been falling victim. there was a mandatory evacuation order for downtown ocean city and portions remain flooded. but slowly the city is coming back to life and surfers have taken to their boards as well. some are searching trying to find things that slain di may have left behind -- sandy may have left behind. >> i have not found anything, but i'm hoping i will. >> reporter: the cleanup is already underway. the mayor said all the roads in ocean city are
today. it feels like a winter day. >> one area we have been tracking has been ocean city. >> ava marie braved the elements all day yesterday. a big difference today. >> what a difference. the wind is not as strong. we could get some gusts up to 60 miles per hour. there was a little bit of debris and damage in ocean city. this is a piece of roofing. notices a large piece of roofing. that was the bigger concern yesterday. nobody was injured with that. you'll still see this strewn about in ocean city. coastal flooding is no longer a concern in ocean city. the waves are not as big as we saw yesterday. there's still a flood watch. we had some light drizzle this morning. there could still be an additional inch of rain throughout the day today and into tomorrow morning. that will add to the flood concerns. ava marie, wbal-tv 11 news. back to you, tim. >> we are along the banks of the jones falls. you can see how high it was at one point overnight. this water came over across the guard rail. we are here in baltimore city. concerns about the weather. you can see leaves along the roadway. the sh
track hurricane sandy headed this way. >> live in ocean city, we are definitely starting to feel the effects of sandy, even though she is not near the coast yet. i will have a live report coming up your request a state of emergency in queen anne's county and military equipment is also in place. >> are you ready for hurricane sandy? details straight ahead. >> sandy continues to creep up the coast and will soon turn to the jersey shore. we will have the latest from new jersey coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> if you have not already, i would say, in the next few hours, in the next four hours to five hours, those are your last chance to get ready for the storm appeared >> potentially unprecedented weather event that will again tonight and could extend through midday on tuesday. >> the unique part of the storm is unlike any other storm have seen in 20 years of office. the back end of this storm is cold and snow. >> we are urging all citizens to hunker down at home and stay off the r
maryland, especificamente en la playa de ocean city, el gobernador comenzo a evaluar los daÑos causados por sandy... claudia uceda nos brinde lo ultimo desde la ciudad balneario.. claudia!!.. ocean city se recupera de a pocos y no sera facil, en algunas partes demorara dias para que todo vuelva a la normalidad barrios enteros como ese permanecen inundados . a mas de uno se le nego el acceso para poder sacar sus pertenencias . carlos reyes/residente de ocean city "la policia el army tiene tapado toda la calle de la 17 para aca arriba esta abierto pero para aca abajo esta tapado." este vecino nos cuenta como en la noche tuvo que rescatar a varios ancianos que quedaron atrapados en sus hogares rodeados por el mar robert miller/ residente de ocean city "el agua llegaba hasta mi cintura, las olas pasaban por encima de las casas un aproximado de 50 residentes que ignoraron la evacuacion mandatoria fueron rescatados no se reporto muertes ni heridos los puentes se reabrieron en la manana, algunos de los negocios intentaron hacer los mismo en la tarde, residentes fueron a ver con sus propios ojo
. a live report is next. >> as sandy turns up the east coast, ocean city residents are asked to prepare for the worst. >> could the threat of sandy be the reason for massive lines at early voting sites? >> and lady liberty has a birthday. how officials mark the occasion. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> bracing for sandy, hundreds of thousands preparing for the worst as the category one storm barrels up the u.s. coastline and has already killed 58 people in the caribbean. welcome to 11 news sunday morning, i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm mindy basara. an 800-mile swath of the country is in the crosshairs of sandy. >> residents on the east coast are preparing for winds, rain, and snow in some areas. >> we have live coverage with tony pann and jennifer franciotti. we begin with tony. >> today's not going to be a big deal. it will be a good day to prepare for things. we might get some rain and it will be breezy today but not a lot happening. right now 59 at the airport. northeast wind at 12. winds will pick
to restore power to about 130,000 households. peck's light rain has started to fall here in ocean city, but that is bought -- that is not stopping the cleanup efforts from going on. many people telling us it really could have been much worse. after a thrashing from sandy along the maryland oceanfront with sustained winds of more than 40 miles an hour, a lot of cleaning up to do tuesday morning. >> it was scary. >> for folks who live around here, many were expecting the worst. >> obviously a lot of debris and trash. a lot of cleanup will be happening, but all in all, i think we faired well. >> i think we totally lucked out. we are definitely saved by the dune protection, and even the digging up of the boardwalk- regan to the water from going into the stores. -- digging up of the boardwalk might have helped to prevent the water from going into the stores. >> there was severe damage done to the ocean city fishing pier. >> i guess we were lucky to not get it as bad as other places. it is just weird, looking at it. there is sand works and should not be. -- there is sand where sand should no
been in his car. he's been traveling all over. earlier today he was down in ocean city. let's find out where he is now. scott, where are you? >> reporter: well, i'm at the inlet at ocean city. talking to you on my live view camera out the dash board cam of our mobile newsroom. our communication has been choppy today. i will show you around the inlet parking lot down here today. all of downtown ocean city from seventh street on down is closed to the the public because of the amazing apartment of flooding and over washing they had. there is a lot of debris around. and city officials want to get it cleaned up before people are driving around and popping tires. it's only public safety initials and folks that informing the public down here. let's go for a drive. i want to show you around this parking lot because frankly if you are used to being around here, it's amazing. we are going to hop in the mobile newsroom here. get the seat belt on. where we are driving now is normally a parking lot if you are familiar with the inlet parking lot. in ocean city. it is nothing but sand right now and s
for sherri ly standing along the boardwalk in ocean city. since 5:00 tonight we've been talking to you off and on. it's kind of had peaks and valleys. it sounds like the winds are picking up a little bit right now. >> reporter: i would say we've definitely got to be getting these gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. i would say this is the worst that we have seen so far since we've been out here today. unfortunately very some bad news to report. a wind gust just came through just a couple minutes ago before we came on the air here, blew open the front door to our hotel room and snapped it right off. so it was quite an experience here. we almost got hit by a light that fell down from the roof of our hotel. the door is now gone. so there is definitely some impact that we're feeling permanently out here in ocean city. all around the city we've seen a lot of flooding as well. we've seen the storm surge flooding places along the boardwalk washing over the sand dunes. further north i'm hearing pops and noises out here. i'm not sure if those are things that are flying around which would not be un
the coast. i'm live at ocean city where conditions are at their worst. yesterday we just had wind and now we have rain driving in our faces and waves starting to push toward the shore. there is a chance some areas will continue it see flooding. we are seeing the water spill through the walkway here at 32nd street and starting to pool toward the homes. we continue it watch this flooding and that will be an issue as we continue to head toward high tide. we will continue to track this. the winds are picking up as they continue to gust to near 60 miles an hour right now and could get stronger as the storm continues to approach us. to check what is happening right now in annapolis wove kim dacey. how -- we have kim dacey. >> i will have the latest on the conditions her as wind an rain continue coming up. >> when will the worst of the weather arrive? tony is tracking the storm as "11 news today" continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> our big story is the storm. pretty much the only story this morning quite frankly. the path of hurricane sandy. >> we have
>>> thanks for joining us on this monday morning. this is a live picture of ocean city where you can see they are getting socked with heavy winds and definitely heavy rains. that area getting to feel the brunt of sandy right now as she makes her way towards our area. >> we will have team coverage throughout the course of the morning for you at abc2 news and keeping you ahead as best we can. ahead of sandy but it appears ocean city the rains have come. >> absolutely. and i don't think they will stop any time soon. that is storm that we have heard and we don't know how bad it will be but we know it's going to be bad. >> lynette charles is standing by with a check of the forecast. you are not surprised by what you are seeing in oc. >> no. not at all. and it's going to keep going downhill. it's not even close to making landfall yet. so, the hurricane hunters flew into the storm and this is what they got from it. the wind sustained at 85 miles an hour. it's moving to the north at 13. and the pressure has dropped at 9:46. that's -- 946 and it's 300 miles east southeast of
can see the waves coming up from ocean city. it's incredible. we're going to work on that. we're working on waiting on the governor. let's go over to mike masco and meteorologist wyatt everhart. >>> let's get to that first weather update. i tell you, hurricane sandy still a monster, monster storm. we're waiting for the fresh 5 p.m. update. we can see the storm clearly coming ashore southern new jersey. it's making landfall over the next hour or so. it's going to cross over central kept county delaware and come across through cease -- cease -- cecil, given the current movement of the storm. you see the size and scope of sandy, coming ashore at the southern tip of new jersey, basically rung up the delaware bay which may give it more time to maintain full strength, a little bit of additional water. now the huge storm surge we still anticipate being up here, central northern new jersey through the new england states and new york. again, we will have some of the worst rain and probably the worst rain in delaware and maryland. we will be the two hardest hit states. the eyewall comin
of the storms. it gets thrown out of wac when it merge with another storm. it seems like ocean city, atlanta city, new york city are all suffering the brunt of this and expecting far worse conditions than we're seeing here. >> on two counts, brian. this is a hybrid storm, and front loaded with rain and wind on the southwest side of it. so they got all of that earlier. than we're getting the strong wind and surge into the areas. so it's like a two for one nightmare special. >> and the heavy snows and the cold air to the west. that could be a problem, which could cause a lot of power outages when you're getting snow piling up out there. >> and i was thinking about something you asked earlier brian, because the forward motion of the hurricane. would that shorten the window for >>> we don't know what it will do when it comes to shore in the next 35 to 40 minutes, because there's a frontal boundary causing it to intense. that remains to be seen. the models have it somewhere north of the mason dickson line at two in the morning with 75 miles per hour winds. >> we know this as well. it's transferri
to fix the gust part. sometimes i forget to erase things on the graphics. it was 65 at ocean city yesterday. recap your day for us. >> it was incredible. i wish just glued to twitter. were you glued to it as well? i think tony is gone. i had to change my clothing twice because i had so much rain coming down on me. ee. waves were something to sa we're still seeing some of standing water in ocean city. notice all the debris on the road. this is what we're concerned about, things clogging the drains. this is the same concern we're seeing around baltimore city. so many leaves have yet to fall . temperatures in the low 40's. the wind out of the south. that is what we're dealing with today. things are getting better in ocean city. the wind is gusting up about 60 miles per hour. >> so much better this morning. kim dacey is in annapolis. how are things looking this morning? >> it is a lot better today. things have really eased up. we have a steady rain falling. nothing like we were seeing like yesterday. i spoke to the emergency management folks. crews have been out since about midnight,
weather begins to pound the coast. >> lauren demarco is live in ocean city this morning with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. definitely feeling those bands that tucker was talking about so the rains starting to pick up more. as i was waiting for the live shot, it was a lot lighter. now getting heavier. the wind picking up. we have seen a little bit of of that sea foam coming across the seawall and i did see a wave crash over it here near 16th street. police still patrolling the boardwalk. they are will continue to do that until the sustained winds reach 50 miles per hour if they do get that high. we are seeing wind gusts up to 47 miles per hour. earlier, we headed over to the pier and pier still standing. there were some rumors that it had collapsed. there are definitely waves crashing against it and at time over it. also, a lot of flooding. effect shut down south of 17th street. it is closed and also mandatory evacuations under way in that area although we were told that about 200 people did stay so they are hunkered down in their homes. the ocean city mayor
gust earlier close to 40 in ocean city. they're a few hours ahead of us in terms of the storm. let me mention again, the rainfall will be heavy enough that we'll have some flooding issues as well. five to 10 inches of rain. >> and did you even mention the snow yet? >> not this go-round. >> that is for the next time. >> couldn't even get this one in. >> a blizzard warning out to the west as well. >> we've got a lot to get to. we had a stalled car 95 and 212- 6789 that has been moved out of the way. typically, roads such as beach drive tend to flood easily so we've already got them blocked off right now in preparation for flooding and storm damage. little falls parkway the same between massachusetts avenue and river road. that is already blocked off in case of storm damage and sligo creek parkway between rain wave and piney branch. metro, no service until further notice. amtrak, the northeast corridor service is suspended. winds restricts already in effect for those traveling out towards the bay bridge which means empty box trailers, trail are themselves that are not full of anything ca
back in a few minutes. we will send it down to sarah in notion city. >> -- ocean city. >> it it really is a beautiful evening, a lot of people are outside this evening. the water is relatively calm. the biggest concerns they have right now are flooding and beach erosion. they tell me there is an emergency plan in place. officials are watching the storm's track. they're expecting some flooding, so there are high water markers in place. otherwise, they're not many sandbags out. the city is relatively busy. officials are meeting regularly to evaluate the track. >> we are in the beginning stages of making sure that we have lists items put away. -- loose items put away. just trying to get ahead of things. we are in the prepared this mode, the information of mud. -- mode. >> the mayor is not expecting to see evacuation's this weekend. most of the visitors to ocean city will be leaving by late sunday, sunday afternoon anyway. as far as residents, at that point, they will most likely be asked to stay inside. >> it does not even look like an evacuation city for ocean city. the worst part of the
back to ocean city tomorrow. >> good. >> thank you. things can be rebuilt. >> let's go to break. we'll be right back. it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. ?iel' be honest with you. i don't know what day it is, what month it is after looking at this. frostburg where they're still seeing plenty of snow and it's still falling at this hour. >> we're concerned with flooding and getting the lights on for some folks. >> let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. >>> sandy continue times act the state with snow to the west, rain showers and mixed snow showers across northern parts of central maryland. we've got pretty big waves there. 's the broad circulation.
at the rainfall total so far. but at ocean city. up to about 2.3 inches. that is on the eastern shore. we can expect about 4-8 inches of rain throughout the rest event. maximum wind gusts at ocean city airport is 52 miles per hour. this is the impact you can expect from later today. >> we have some changes overnight from what sandy has been doing. it has been taking that turn. it is moving to the north instead of the northeast. we will watch to see when it turns to the northwest. we do think it will stay to the north of the d.c. metro area which is good news for us. we will be on the good side of the storm. we will predominately be coming in from the north to northwest as opposed to dealing with the onshore flow. we will be dealing with the heavy rain and flood event. 4-8 inches of rainfall widespread. there will be isolated heavier amounts. we are not going to see so much flash flooding with this. this will be more of a river flood event. here is the predicted forecast model. just one of them. you can see some of the heavier amounts. d.c. looking at about four inches of rain. this is over to
. >> i am lowell melser live in ocean city, maryland. i will have details coming up in a live report. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, late breaking, this is 11 news at 6:00. >> our big story tonight is the preparation for and status of hurricane sandy. >> thousands are being told to evacuate. >> airlines have canceled more than 5000 flights as it moves north. we have lied team coverage. first, we throw it over to tom tasselmyer. he has been tracking the storm for day. >> it is still a ways off but already impacting our whether. it is well over 300 miles to the south of ocean city. we have been dealing with showers on the eastern shore down to north carolina. even though it is hundreds of miles away, it is already influencing our weather. we have the front off to the west. then we have the bands coming in from the east. the two will combine to with the maryland-pennsylvania line. where they come together, snady is expected to become stronger. the storm is only going to get worse as it makes it approach. for more on the expected track, let's go to john collins at the
to hear from the governor again at 2:00. we want to go down to lowell, down in ocean city, where they have seen quite a bit happening with this storm. what is the latest? >> -- shielded by the building, cutting down on the wind flow. 30 to 40 miles per hour, i want to show you the big story in ocean city, which is the flooding. you can see the water that has come underneath these homes. certainly, flooding the first floors of these condominiums and townhouses just off the beach. we are seeing a definite storm surge associated with this storm. waves are anywhere from 9 feet to 13 feet. waves of further offshore, anywhere from 15 feet to 21 feet, breaking once again at about 9 feet to 13 feet as they come in to ocean city. as i said earlier, the big story is flooding. we attended a news conference earlier. the mayor and other emergency personnel, briefing the media on what is going on at ocean city at this point. first of all, there is flooding all along the coastal highway. i want to repeat that, flooding all along the coastal highway. we are not only getting the surge coming over the dern
coverage tonight as the storm approaches the mid-atlantic region. sarah sampson is in ocean city tonight, where residents could be on the front line of the storm. george is in the low-lying areas of fell's point as people are gathering sandbags. but let's go to our meteorologist who is tracking the storm. john, what's the latest? >> well, sandy is a hurricane, marginal, category one, with 75-mile-an-hour winds, a little better than 300 miles away from cape hatteras. here's what the weather looks like for us. we had the cold front to the west and all that moisture coming up from the south from sandy. but it's kind of held down to the extreme southeast virginia, the mouth of the chesapeake bay. we've had a very nice afternoon this afternoon so far. let's switch over to our main computer and here are the various tracks. we still got a variety of solutions, but most of them converge on new jersey. i want to kind of focus now, instead of having two or three of these little spinning symbols about where various models talk, the three main models, the european, the g.f.s. and the nam are coming
's most powerful radar, the yellows, oranges, heavy rain bands coming in. ocean city, see the yellows and oranges. the rain will continue to work in as we go throughout the day. we have snow back across western maryland, also in to west virginia, they could be rereceiving 2-3 feet. we dealt with five inches yesterday. that will continue as we go throughout the day. not only will we have the rain piling up, but the winds as well. these are the current winds sustained about 9 shady side. haverly grace 17. winds gusts are a lot more and those are your tropical storm forced wind gusts we are dealing with. 66 frederick. that's the big one, 48 shady side. we are looking at 46 fredericksburg. haverly grace 36. 53 ocean city. that's what we have to deal with today. see the 71 cape may. before i cover it up. this is in store. rain, wind, and these were the peak wind gusts yesterday. annapolis 69. 68 dundalk, arbutus. bwi60. we are in store for what we had yesterday. more rain and wind. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. >>> good morning, the mta suspended all
call for baltimore and the ocean city area. we have more on what could happen with the different scenarios with sandy, coming up. >>> what a mess that's coming our way. winds, rain and high tide, coupled with a storm surge, producing flooding along the bay, befores that's one of the many concerns with the storm. jeff hager is standing by live in baltimore with more on the counties preparations. >> emergency managers in baltimore and harford counties are well underway and preparing for hurricane sandy, they want you to be prepared as well. the rush is already on, among boat owners to move vessels as we witness at the outer point yacht club, after past storms like irene isabelle and agnus, many learned the hard way to prepare for the worst. >> it could have high winds for two days, and potentially higher than normal tides. it's low down to where we were on the beach, the beach stuff, we took everything up the hill and on the trailer, stick it in the garage, and when it goes by we truck it back out. >> reporter: the county has people on stands by. along with swift water rescue crews
there in areas east, over 5 inches of rain. areas around ocean city. over four inches of rain. getting into areas of delaware, over 3 inches of rain. those are the kind of rainfall amounts we're going to see before long. as, again, the center of hurricane sandy gets closer and closer to us. it's already made that turn not just to the north but towards the north and west. getting closer to the coast. you can see it there. landfall expected somewhere between delaware and the southern new jersey coast around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. here's the latest track coming out. this should be the 11:00 p.m. track for you. to the north and west. coming ashore around areas of southern new jersey, northern delaware. then again, the storm system, we're really going to see it spread out even more. talking about 1,000 miles across the storm system affecting areas all the way from the coast, as far west as ohio. look at that heavy band of rain from norfolk through areas of d.c. pushing westward with the white stuff. yeah, that snow that's already falling in areas of west virginia. southern areas of charleston and around ro
. there was severe damage done to the ocean city fishing pier. >> we heard about how bad it was going to be and i guess we were lucky not to get it as bad as other places. it is just weird, looking at it. there is sand where san should not be. >> there was a lot of flooding. we looked out on the boardwalk, where city crews were assessing the damage. mostly sand and debris, and after the rumors were confirmed, a portion of the fishing pier was washed away. you can see the pylon's less standing in the water. we headed up coastal highway where there was evidence of extensive flooding on the bayside. some water still standing and other areas where it had washed back, debris was everywhere. utility crews got a jump early, but according to del mar representative power, there are no reported outages in ocean city. when damage was everywhere you look, from signs blown out, a construction signed in dover, and a son of a hotel completely blown off. beach erosion was expensive, too. the 9-13 foot waves eroded away a good portion of the dune system of the city that was put in place to protect properties. mor
will be at their peak okay. we will send it back up to bryan and shaun. >> okay. >> we will go back to ocean city and we have been talking all afternoon about pier and now the pier is in the bay and it has broken off into the ocean as well. that's confirmed by the twitter feed. the pier fishing pier at ocean city snapped in half. a live report from the other side. [ mitt romney ] we have toto work on a collaborative basis. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. i'm mitt romney, my name is julian bond. i know a little something about fighting for what's right and just. maryland's gay and lesbian families share the same values and they should share in the right to marry. i b
to the porch and the winds got back at 9:00 or 10:00, the winds were up real high. in ocean city, new jersey, down the jersey shore, the same pictures from the same helicopter, the new york city helicopters are not up but they are from philadelphia and this is from fox from philadelphia. hang on i am getting a map. you can see ocean city they moved the ocean into the city. it is appropriately named. ocean city if you kept going down the coast ocean city is the northern point of another barrier island off route 444, north of sea isle and south of atlantic city but not by much. you can see along the coast is where the worst of it was. it is lard to see with the waters back out to sea but you can look at the streets and tell how flooded they were. the difference here when new orleans flooded we watched the flood waters for days because new england is in a bowl and you have to pump the water out. here the water just recedeed. that is not saying there is not damage or that they cannot going to have to have the sheet rock ripped out, have the carpets ripped out and their basements pumped out becau
to ocean city, maryland. that's where we find our sandra endo there braving the heavy wind already. >> just like george said, fredricka, we've been feeling a steady wind, about 25 miles an hour here in ocean city. we just came off high tide. check out the waves here. a very rough surf. if anything, ocean city is not experiencing their peak touring season right now, so that may be the only silver lining of this whole storm, but they're certainly bracing for the worst. the mayor here ordering a mandatory evacuation downtown ocean city as well as voluntary evacuation for low-lying areas. also, non-residents are also being forced away from ocean city right now as they're preparing for this storm, and we watched a lot of local residents board up their businesses, board up their homes because the threat of this storm is the high tide which is about to hit in about five hours. the effects of this storm, again, a lingering, long duration of rain and wind, plus the high tide cycles. that's a combination for disaster. fredricka? >> thank you so much, sandra endo. hang on to that hat, the wind kicking
. this is a time lapse from ocean city, maryland. look at the end of that pierre. . that is about 100 feet appear that was wiped out. of pier wiped out. we see 35-mile per hour wind gusts. here is a time line -- 30-50 hour gusts are expected then 45-55 6:00 midnight and by tomorrow 50-70g, we will see the per mile power wins. ds. talk about other aspects of sandy coming up in a little bit. you can still find us online you could also use your mobile phone. we will be applied streaming. as you mentioned, the maryland line is really taking a pounding. has beener ocean city by waves. brianne carter has more. we know the waves have been oming in tyrian >> we are starting to see some damage. we are seeing sheets of from these sections along the boardwalk. down here andng debris scattered the boardwalk. the big concern is flooding and is exactly what we have seen throughout the morning. they put up these steel barriers entrance points to the water out as the possible but it did not work out. an hour or so ago, there was it looked more like a river here. we took some pictures of the pi er that
and we will be right back. >> reporter: well, hurricane sandy has shut down the route 50 in ocean city and the heavy rains are causing the camera to shake. we will let you know how the storm will impact baltimore coming up on good morning maryland. >>> you are watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> not ghost or goblins you have to fear but flooding, power outages and strong winds thanks to hurricane sandy. >> we are tracking the super storm all morning. good morning maryland continues with our team coverage right now. thanks for joining us. we have been on the air for half an hour coming on early for you this morning because the big story is the storm and how it will impact your life. >> let's get to meteorologist lynette charles with more on the storm and its track and how soon it could reach us. here's a live shot of virginia beach virginia if i am not mistaken that's about the position of the storm. >> it's off the coast of virginia. and it's lashing that area. and even we are getting in on some of that rain. i am going to zoom in closer in a second.
can. >> much different from yesterday in ocean city, maryland. let's look at what sandy did out there. >> not a pretty picture. brianne carter was there during the height of the storm over night and is joining us now this morning with an update. >> good morning. when we weren't at the height of the storm last night and you could hear the wind howling. it seems we are still experiencing some very strong wind gusts down here. a lot to contend with in ocean city this morning. we do have light rain falling but it's much colder today and the wind gusting heavily and cutting right through you. there will be a lot to clean up in ocean city over the next couple days. look behind me and you can see one of those benches on the boardwalk. these were bolted down to the boardwalk. the wind and water pushed them down several streets. this is a similar sights all across the boardwalk in ocean city. there's more damage just in this block. look at this fence from the hotel swimming pool, dangling in the wind. they will have to repair that. we have seen several like this along the boardwalk today. the
up to hurricane sandy. our coverage of the impact continues with sarah sampson live in ocean city and george lettis. let's begin with meteorologist john collins in the weather center. >> the latest models are hunkering down. all week last week we had one model in particular, the european, set as coming right into our area. that's still the case. the other models have come more to that conclusion. the current hurricane is off the florida coast. here's the latest model. forget the friday written there. most of the models take the storm in somewhere around new jersey and that time frame would be somewhere monday afternoon into the early hours on tuesday. so that would put the strongest winds north of maryland, excuse me, in the chesapeake bay area but by no means does that mean the storm misses us. it's still a very powerful storm with very significant winds. the models are coming to a conclusion that somewhere on the delmarva or up to long island would be the best landfall possibility. at various times anywhere from monday afternoon to early tuesday morning. any of these solutions g
miles east-southeast of ocean city and moving north. so it won't come up the chesapeake bay and that is good news. we were concerned about that a couple of days ago but it looks like it will come onshore in new jersey. we could see heavy rain on the eastern shore counties right now with lighter rain in the with respect suburbs. at the airport you see winds are not terrible around baltimore. north wind eight up to about 20 miles an hour gusting. they will pick up this morning and this afternoon. the worse part of the storm will be this afternoon and this evening. by the time we get there the rain will be much heavier, wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour by this evening 40 to 60 miles an hour as the storm comes onshore in new jersey. cold comes in tomorrow. snow is likely in parts of maryland. blizzard warnings are in effect in gerarrett county. we will talk more about there and i will take you step by step through the storm process in a few minutes. first well say hello to ava marie at ocean city. you saw the sustained winds up to 85 miles an hour so you could easily see gusts
right now with super storm sandy and the heaviest rain is down to the south right now around ocean city. and it's moving across the bay. but look at the reds and the oranges now we are starting to see that around severna park and this is sliding up from the south and working its way off towards the west. and this is a storm that you don't see. you don't see a storm of this nature take a westerly jog. so this time of the year this is going to be one for the record books that's for sure. as we zoom in across harford county jarrettsville getting in on heavy rainfall pounding across the roadways along i-83 traveling you should not be traveling at this time. you should be watching and listening to see what's going to be happening and once you lose power, you should have our storm shield app because that's going to bring the weather alerts. let's talk about how much rainfall we will be receiving once this is said and done. we are talking about 8 inches of rainfall in a lot of spots. we are looking along the eastern shore that amount and points south we could be seeing a little more than that.
300 miles east southeast of ocean city and continues to make its way up the coast as we go through the remainder of today. already, dropping plenty of rain across the eastern shore and all this is funneling in from the east to the west. that alone shows you how crazy the system is because it doesn't happen during the time of the year. so, we have plenty of rain that's starting and that will continue as we head through the rest of today. it's going pick up so with that we have flood watches and warnings across the area. so, the area here is shaded in the green and entire viewing area will get in on that for today through tuesday. also looking at a flood warning coastal flood warning to be exact and this one is through wednesday. we can see it through the areas shaded in the dark blue color. and we are going to have the prunt of the high tides going through tomorrow. so we are talking about the eastern shore and western shore going to get the worst of it then. for today's eastern shore looking at some coastal flooding. let's talk about the rain projections and we can see the areas he
intensifying here in ocean city. i have a hand held wind gauge and i've been keeping track of the gusts since about 5:00 this afternoon. most of the afternoon winds were blowing about 20 miles an hour with gusts up to 40. now we're seeing gusts up to 50 miles an hour. stringing rain coming in driven by this wind. but the most dramatic site -- i'm going to put my hood up because it hurts. this surf is all the way up the beach laughing at the sea wall in town sending a splash up and over. that is unusual even in these storms for the water to get that high. and we're early on in this storm. i want to show you some video we took around town earlier this evening. showing some of the flooding, the street flooding that we are seeing coming up from the back bays here. that's one of the things they were worried about and it is happening. not to the point we're going to see damage. these are places that are used to flooding but it is coming up and over the island. streets are closed. take a look at the inlet, we took pictures of waves crashing over that jett
damage in ocean city, but they are cleaning up, not rebuilding. we have more from there tonight. >> reporter: power is still out in large sections but the flood waters have begun to recede and no injuries or deaths. now is the time for a big cheen up. this is where the bar and restaurant at the bay side got hit hard by the hurricane. >> the gazebo is gone and the board walk they were rebuilding is in a parking lot. they did salvage the new angles. they hope to reopen by this weekend. >> let's get at it. >> reporter: crews have been restoring power and a large part of the pier did fall victim and they will inspect the dew system that held back sandy and want to make sure it can hold pack the next one. >> we will go back and see if it needs immediately or it can wait. >> reporter: a big storm like sandy digs down under the sand. >> a lot of stuff gets blown on the beach. >> reporter: he found a 14 carat gold wing the governor will be here tomorrow and will tour christy as well. reporting from ocean city. >> back in march, the ash window storm redefined the is city and ripped up th
. being see it's 300 around 300 miles southeast of ocean city, maryland. as we check out what's going on for today and how this moves towards us, well, we will continue to get this rain moving in here across the area. and on the backside of this system, look at the snow moving into west virginia. we are going to be seeing blizzard conditions across the area but heavier rain across the area for today and the winds will begin to pick up. i will talk more about that and breakdown the time that is we will see the windiest conditions. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. governor o'malley is urging everyone to stay off the roads. we are dealing with a lot of flooding in ocean city. route 50 is now closed along the eastbound lanes from golf course road to philadelphia avenue. here's a live look at route 50. you will notice the camera is shaking due to the heavy winds. there's a wind advisory in effect for those traveling across the bay bridge. if you are heading that way, you want to be extra careful if the gusts exceed 55 miles per hour, the b
pictures of ocean city. what kind of reports of damage are you getting? >> anybody want to update on damage reports? ken, any -- i mean you've seen the pier, which is -- when i saw the pictures about an hour ago, it looks like it was atleast halfway dismantled. lord knows where it is right now. we've seen pictures of your news crews who are in there, when they shouldn't be, film the waves. and i understand from some local businesses there, that the waves are starting to crash up over the board walk in some parts of ocean city. and that's what we know right now. the most evident damage seems to be that pier at this point. but big waves, and they're going to continue for a good long time. others? > [ inaudible question ] >> down 95 -- >> i think they spent a very -- a very good level of cooperation. the federal government has been, in my opinion, very forward-leaning and proactive. we have representatives here from fema, we have assets that the federal government has brought in, including the fast water rescue teams that are here. and the president signed our prelandfall declaration, i think
the brunt of sandy since early this morning. ocean city and atlantic city already getting a lot of flooding. there is a mandatory evacuation in that area, but some people have decided to ignore those warnings. earlier i spoke to michelle, the executive director of the regional chamber of commerce in ocean city, new jersey. she said thousands of people delayed evacuating and now they're stuck on the island. how many people have been evacuated from there, michelle? >> most of the people have been evacuated. we're a small barrier island. during october we have a lot of people that are leaving anyway for the winter. we do have a lot of people, though, that have stayed, probably 8,000 people that have stayed due to they thought it wasn't going to be as bad as it is and then they were unable to get off the island. >> ok. we're looking live pictures of new jersey. the storm swell looks huge. what does it feel like to you when you look at your window? >> it's unbelievable. it really is. we're seeing swells on the water between 20 feet and further for -- with a beach, the waves. and wind gusts 60 an
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